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23 December 2019


The University of Sydney is once again the leading choice for high achieving students applying for an undergraduate degree in 2020.
19 December 2019


University of Sydney social scientists will help address fundamental questions about the development of politics and society as part of a new multimillion-dollar cross-university research project.
18 December 2019


Mary and Neveah Taouk suffer from a disorder so rare it has no name. Now, thanks to new research and a crowdfunding push, the sisters and their parents have a glimpse of hope.
17 December 2019


As a new decade approaches, we look back on our ten biggest stories from the 2010s. From uncovering the key to pain, the benefits of the arts and dealing with cane toads, our experts advanced knowledge across a whole range of issues.
17 December 2019


Today Professor Duncan Ivison released the outcome of an initial inquiry into concerns raised about a 2014 paper; no breaches or research misconduct were found and the analyses and conclusions were found to be acceptable.
17 December 2019


Three research papers featuring University of Sydney academics - on the 'insect apocalypse', the birthplace of modern humans and the global climate emergency - have been ranked among the world's most influential scientific studies for 2019.
16 December 2019


The Indian Minister responsible for consumer protection has praised the University of Sydney Business School's role in a major overhaul of his country's consumer protection laws, which he says will empower the people of India with enforceable rights.
12 December 2019


The University of Sydney Law School's Professor of Criminology Gail Mason has been recognised for her lifetime achievements and contributions to criminology with the top national honour in the field.
11 December 2019


Arts/Law graduate, Sydney Law School academic and former Judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, the Hon. Dr Robert Austin has received a Doctor of Laws (honoris causa) for his contributions to the legal profession.
10 December 2019


A group of the country's leading education researchers and equity practitioners have received funding from the New South Wales Government for a project aiming to help regional high school students make decisions about addressing and resolving gap year needs.
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